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Meagan Donaldson works in education and is a writer. What’s more, is that she is the founder of the fundraiser Violet’s Gift. Which, in less than two months, raised over $16,000 to create a room in the hospital where her daughter Violet was born to support grieving parents after delivering a stillborn baby.

Meagan has spoken openly about her experiences of pregnancy loss and has collaborated with the hospital where her daughter was born to not only create the room but to change hospital processes.

Still A Mum

Still a Mum is a wholehearted book on grief and pregnancy loss that provides gentle support through careful insight and the author’s sincere story. But it’s more than that. It’s a story about loss, life and love and finding joy again after heartbreak. And it also shines a spotlight on the stigma that still exists around pregnancy loss, not just for the parents but for other family members as well.

This book on grief and losing a baby will help you feel less alone and appreciate that grief is the form that love takes after someone has died. You’ll uncover true support and finding strength through pain and experiencing parenthood through a unique lens.

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One month after the loss of Violet, Meagan met with the staff at the Women’s Health unit at the hospital where her daughter was born and discussed working together to create something special in Violet’s memory.

This is where the idea for ‘Violet’s Gift’ began – a fund-raising campaign to purchase and donate items to the hospital that support grieving families. So far, Meagan has raised over $16,000 to create a special room in the hospital, donated two Cuddle Cots, a bassinet, a portable Moses basket, as well as memory boxes, knitted blankets and books.

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